June Games Jam

On the 19th of June hosted a 7 hour games jam in the Science Gallery in Dublin ( with generous assistance and sponsorship from Game, and some nice prizes provided by Havok and Popcap Games). The theme for the jam was ‘Signals’. In the time alloted my team and myself produced a working game in XNA and Photoshop entitled ‘Circuit City’. You can see the result here.



New Blog

Started a blog for any interesting games related stuff I find on the net. Click the icon for a look.



Dare to be Digital


I took part in 2009’s Dare to be Digital competition. My role on the team was artist and animator.  I was primarily responsible for developing in-game characters all the way from concept to finished animation. A selection of my work on the project can be seen here. The process began by pitching the concept to a panel of industry professionals (the  proposed gameplay pitch video I made for the pitch) and then upon get accepted into the competition, I travelled to Scotland to develop a video game prototype in ten weeks with the aid of mentors from some of the biggest games studios in the world, like Rockstar, Rare and Sony. In all , 14 teams from around the world travelled to Scotland to compete.



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