Hoe down Showdown


I was an artist on a team in 2009’s Dare to be Digital competition. The aim of the competition was to produce a working videogame prototype in ten weeks. I primarily worked as a character artist; designing, modelling, texturing, rigging and animating characters, but I also created some in-organic farm props, served as the concept artist on the team, and designed the logo seen above. In the end I created 8 characters from concept to animation, over 50 animation states, and a lot of textures and props, over the course of  the ten weeks.

I created this wiimote art asset for the tutorial at the start of the game, but found it obstructed too much of what was on screen so I left it out.


This tractor was one of the in-organic assets I created. I created both the low-poly and a high-poly version for a normal map bake.


I was responsible for creating the following farm animal art assets, from initial concept art to final animation.

Farm Animals

Screengrabs from the 3DS Max viewport.farm_animals_viewport

Character concept art

Some environment art concept work.

Environment Art

This farmer character was created to populate the world a bit more.



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